Starting to do on-location and outdoors shoots

After refusing to do on-location and outdoor shots for the past 2 years I finally bit the bullet and invested in some proper portable lights. Obviously it will be a different style then in the studio where everything can be controlled, but telling from the first test-shoot below I expect the results to be as nice. Contact me if you are interested, special start discounts will apply :)

140223-H4D-untitled shoot-KISHORE.jpg

About the importance of posing and retouching

On a recent photo shoot with Beenish I took some pictures which I want to use to demonstrate the importance of posing and retouching. As you might have read a few times on this website already I try hard to get a natural looking, positive and approachable expression out of you.

Here's a sample of the first picture I took of Beenish when she stepped into the studio followed by the retouched finals after playing around with different poses and facial expressions.

Beenish allowed me to use her pictures to showcase my work and provided the following testimonial:

Absolutely brilliant experience. I needed someone to shoot my headshots and a friend of mine recommended to me. As it was my first ever professional shoot, I had my doubts and worries as to how it would all turn out to be. It would not be over estimating to say that he has exceptional ability to make you feel at ease - and thus get the best expressions out of you. The whole ritual turned out to be less of a professional shoot and more of a fun experimenting evening. I was very pleased with the photographs and a couple of them had me fallen for them completely. Looking forward to working with you again..

Beenish first picture

Retouched Final

Retouched Final

Retouched Final