Allow us to show your picture and get a free retouching

Our photos are shot so that they only require minimal retouching. Before we deliver the images to you, they have been corrected and cropped so they look best.

However, professional retouching makes a huge difference. Many photographers just over-sharpen the eyes and blow out all detail in the teeth and white areas of the eye, which in 9 out of 10 cases looks horrible. Nothing is worse than an amateur photoshopped version of your portrait.

Not with us. We work with professional retouchers to get the best out of your image! Have a look at the other blog-posts to see some samples. 

Photo retouching is an optional service, but if you allow us to use your portrait on our websites to showcase our work, we will include a professionally retouched version of your image at no cost for you.

To apply simply mention this to us during the session.