Moving studios

I'm moving studios; for the moment I cannot accept new bookings, I'll update this site once everything is ready again.

1000 Faces with Anery

After a long wait the first images of this personal project finally become available. The series is about the different facial expressions one can make and Anery was incredible in doing so. The images print large and cover all emotions one can think of.  If you are interested in having this artwork for your home, gallery or office please contact me! They are only available as limited edition prints.

New background options

After shooting on white for quite some time I've added some background options. Have a look.


A new style

I've been working on a new style for portrait work (not for online usage but large prints). If you book a session and are interested in this look too, please let me know. 

Starting to do on-location and outdoors shoots

After refusing to do on-location and outdoor shots for the past 2 years I finally bit the bullet and invested in some proper portable lights. Obviously it will be a different style then in the studio where everything can be controlled, but telling from the first test-shoot below I expect the results to be as nice. Contact me if you are interested, special start discounts will apply :)

140223-H4D-untitled shoot-KISHORE.jpg

Favorite gear: On location with the Nikon D4

The Nikon D4 is my favorite on-location camera. It's the most reliable camera I ever had (taking this title from my old D3s which it replaced). The 24-70mm lense is very versatile and on my camera 95% of the time. Only for travel I switch to the 28-300 which has a much lower image quality but is more comfortable to carry around. The Really Right Stuff L-Frame makes it easy to use on a tripod with either the RRS Ballhead or Arca Swiss Cube.


Favorite gear: Medium Format Digital Camera Hasselblad H4D-40

In the studio most of my work is done using a Hasselblad Medium Format-camera. Compared with the common Nikons and Canons cameras you might use at home this camera has an incredible tonal range (especially for skin colors in my case) and detail. At 40 MPIX the photos will usually be bigger than what you need (unless you want to print a billboard), but it gives a lot of room to make your image look best in post-processing. The 100mm and 120mm lenses are two of the best lenses available for this system. 


Christopher Wahl on 16:9

He’s one of Canada’s most renowned portrait photographers: Toronto native, Christopher Wahl. His images have been featured in the most prestigious magazines: Vanity Fair, Time, Maclean’s, and The New Yorker – just to name a few.

“You look at somebody like Chris’ photographs and you know it’s a Chris Wahl photograph,” says Andrew Tolson, photo director of Maclean’s magazine.

Throughout the course of his 20 year career, Wahl has captured images of everyone from the Pope, to the Queen.

“Good pictures are really hard to make,” he says. “It’s so difficult. My standard of good is really high. I lose sleep over quality work.”

“Good pictures are really hard to make,” he says. “It’s so difficult. My standard of good is really high. I lose sleep over quality work.”

Allow us to show your picture and get a free retouching

Our photos are shot so that they only require minimal retouching. Before we deliver the images to you, they have been corrected and cropped so they look best.

However, professional retouching makes a huge difference. Many photographers just over-sharpen the eyes and blow out all detail in the teeth and white areas of the eye, which in 9 out of 10 cases looks horrible. Nothing is worse than an amateur photoshopped version of your portrait.

Not with us. We work with professional retouchers to get the best out of your image! Have a look at the other blog-posts to see some samples. 

Photo retouching is an optional service, but if you allow us to use your portrait on our websites to showcase our work, we will include a professionally retouched version of your image at no cost for you.

To apply simply mention this to us during the session.