Businessportraits.nl is the ideal portraiture companion to make representative headshots and portraits with. You can use these photographs for commercial endeavors and personal branding. Company websites, reports, brochures, press, portfolios, blogs and social media profiles are just a few examples of communication channels that require a powerful photograph to make a lasting impression.


Markus Linke

Markus Linke


Think of the clients who want to see whom they are dealing with. Or recruiters who want to see the face behind the résumé. Like a smart business card or website, a business portrait improves a corporate identity or personal brand.

Now, what picture to use for your business identity or personal brand? A word of warning: a picture with you all glammed up to party, isn’t going to match a business relation’s expectation.


As we know, first impressions are formed almost instantaneously. And that goes for more than personal encounters. Whether your picture is on a website or in a magazine – we all make unconscious, snapshot judgments based on appearance alone. That’s just how our brain works.

“It might affect the impressions you have of others, and that could feed into the basis of your relationship with them from then on,” neuroscientist Daniela Schiller once told newspaper The Guardian.

So what is a smart way to have control over the first impression you make and start a good business relationship? You cannot always have your hair perfect and exude kindness in person. You can, however, optimize the pictures that people get to know you with. A professional and trustworthy look in a photo stays that way. Through a professional eye, the right equipment and appropriate lighting, Businessportraits.nl knows just how to make your first impression impressive.


I am an Amsterdam based people and headshot photographer. Focusing on business portraits and corporate headshots, I know how to create the perfect high-end portrait for your specific needs.

Since a lot of business publications and press photos feature just heads, I’ve found myself specializing in just that. Through experience and working with the world’s best headshot photographers, I figured out how to design the best headshot lighting and adjust it to every client for a flattering look. I always make sure to use the best equipment available. I am triggered by people’s specific branding needs to shoot that photo that is just right for them.

For business and corporate photography, I aim to capture the confident, beautiful, approachable and positive qualities every person has by nature. I capture you the way you are, no distractions. I’ve found that this minimalistic style of working always results in a powerful photograph. Even with people who don’t think of themselves as photogenic. A good photographer can always guide their model to a natural, photogenic look for the images.

Inspired by the likes of Martin Schoeller, Richard Avedon and Annie Lebovitz, I have taken a special influence from Peter Hurley. After having been coached by this world renowned photographer, I am now an Associate Photographer with PH2PRO, a select group of the top 1% headshot photographers.


The studio is conveniently located in Amsterdam’s business district Zuidas, with plenty of parking spaces for those whom come by car. You can also reach it in 2 minutes by foot from station Amsterdam Zuid. Want to get in touch? Click here.


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